Keeping up with the Greens

Keeping up with the Joneses is as American as apple pie. When family members, friends, and neighbors do more and buy more, most of us feel an urge to do the same. A sibling’s vacation photos on Facebook get us dreaming of the tropics. A friend’s new car reminds realize how ratty our old beater…

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Sustainability Lessons That Last a Lifetime

In July 2011, an Eagle Scout named John Tickle used CPR to save the life of a heart attack victim at a golf tournament. That would not be unusual, except that Tickle was 69 years old at the time. Nearly six decades earlier, he had promised to “help other people at all times” (in the…

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Making Sustainability Pay Off Now

For many Scout councils, the biggest downside to sustainability is the upfront cost. They know sustainability is the right thing to do and they know monetary savings will mount up over the long term, but none of that matters when this year’s budget is tight. Take the example of low-flow toilets. Say you replace a…

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BSA LeaderSHIFT 2015

For more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America has been a leader in conservation education and environmental stewardship. In fact, you might say we were green when green was just a color. Today, we are moving from green to deep green, working across the organization to make sustainability both something we teach and something we live. This website represents the hub of our sustainability efforts—a place to celebrate what we have accomplished and to learn how you can make your council or camp more sustainable.

LeaderSHIFT 2015 (view the Session 1 replay here and Session 2 here), the BSA’s virtual sustainability summit, brought together councils from across the country to learn more about sustainability and about the triple bottom line of people, planet, and prosperity. Click back to view videos and other resources from LeaderSHIFT.

Council Sustainability Guide: PDF

2015 LeaderSHIFT Presentation: PPT | PDF

2015 LeaderSHIFT Handouts: PPT | PDF

GET INVOLVED: We want to hear from you. Whether you’ve scored major successes in sustainability or are just looking for ways to get started, plug into our growing network …

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PATH TO SUCCESS: The most powerful lesson is a good example. In this section of the website, you’ll find a growing library of success stories and best practices.

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OUR DNA: Sustainability is in the BSA’s DNA, although we haven’t always used that term. Robert Baden-Powell, who founded Scouting, said Scouts should leave behind…

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