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Sustainability Lessons That Last a Lifetime

In July 2011, an Eagle Scout named John Tickle used CPR to save the life of a heart attack victim at a golf tournament. That would not be unusual, except that Tickle was 69 years old at the time. Nearly six decades earlier, he had promised to “help other people at all times” (in the…

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Making Sustainability Pay Off Now

For many Scout councils, the biggest downside to sustainability is the upfront cost. They know sustainability is the right thing to do and they know monetary savings will mount up over the long term, but none of that matters when this year’s budget is tight. Take the example of low-flow toilets. Say you replace a…

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Eagle Scout in Antarctica

In March 2015, Eagle Scout Robert Marks joined famous polar explorer and environmentalist Sir Robert Swan and 75 other participants from 24 countries for the 2041 International Antarctica Expedition. Robert, who has also received the William T. Hornaday Award, the highest award in Scouting for distinguished service to natural resource conservation, has chosen to dedicate…

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Zach Carson, Sustainability Scout

During the summer of 2014, sustainability expert Zach Carson visited some 40 Boy Scout camps to explore how they are becoming more sustainable. On his blog, which you can read here, Zach reported on a range of topics, including operations, infrastructure, impact, programming, fundraising, and partnerships.

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